Monday, May 30, 2016

Roof Repair Longmont

All roof repairs in Longmont can be handled quickly and professionally by the experienced team of contractors at GreenPoint Roofing. Almost all homeowners will experience an issue with their roof at some point. It can be tempting to try and deal with the problem yourself in order to save money. Unfortunately, most DIY roof repairs only serve as a quick fix and do not address the root of the problem. In fact, by simply patching up a leak, you may be covering up the true extent of water damage and causing more serious issues for yourself in the future.

By allowing us to carry out a professional inspection and assessment, you are ensuring that your roof gets the attention it needs and will continue to serve it's function well in the future. Get high quality roof repair in Longmont today with a minimum of five year's workmanship guarantee included on every job. We can offer affordable prices to both homeowners and commercial customers. As an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating, you can trust us to deliver excellent customer service and dependable roof repairs in Longmont. Contact our team to request a quote for your home or commercial building today. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Commercial Roofer Longmont

With the right commercial roofer in Longmont, your projects can be finished on time and on budget with a high standard of quality maintained. GreenPoint Roofing is the best option for commercial developers interested in well priced roofing work from an expert in the industry. We frequently carry out work on residential developments, office buildings, agricultural and storage buildings, gyms, churches and shopping malls. Our Longmont commercial roofer is known for the excellent customer service, prompt responses and our commitment to honoring quotes. With our team on the job you are automatically awarded a minimum of 5 years workmanship guarantee on top of your product warranties.

As commercial roofers, we understand that some clients have very specific needs. We are dedicated to providing custom solutions for all of our customers. In addition to traditional tiles, shingles and slates, we can offer metal roofing and specialized low sloping commercial roofing options. We source all of our products from dependable manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Malarkey, Champion and TAMKO. From the materials and tools we use in construction to the latest innovations in sealing and insulation, you can expect all aspects of our work to exceed the highest standards of quality. Our team of commercial roofers in Longmont is ready to serve your business today, simply call us to arrange a quote.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Best Roofing Company Longmont

When it comes to your home and its protection from the elements outside, you will want the best roofing company in Longmont to have control. GreenPoint Roofing offers a dependable service with an excellent response time. If you are experiencing problems with your roof, especially in an emergency situation, with just a phone call our team can be on-site and forming a rapid solution. We can offer our roofing repair services to both homeowners and commercial clients.

When quick decisions need to be made, we can take control and ensure a high quality and permanent repair job is carried out. Trust the best roofing company in Longmont with your home and relax knowing that we include a minimum of five years workmanship guarantee. We uphold high standards in both our technical problem solving and our customer service.

Visit our website to read some of the testimonials of previous clients and see why we are considered the best roofing company in Longmont. We are happy to make a visit to your property for a quick maintenance check, to check seals, or to give a quote on complete roof replacement. Call the best roofing company in Longmont today and let your worries about your roof drift away.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Roofer Aurora

For a new roof at a professional standard, you will need a reliable and experienced Aurora roofer. GreenPoint Roofing can give you the results you need at an affordable price. We can install custom roofs across metro Denver and the surrounding areas. Our crew is fully licensed and insured to carry out new installations, repair work, roof and gutter maintenance, complete home restoration and much more. From basic leak repairs and insulation services to full roof replacements, you can depend on us to get the job done on time and on budget. We are the Aurora roofers with an excellent eye for detail and a commitment to quality products and service.

IN addition to working on residential properties, our roofers in Aurora also cater to commercial customers. We can install specialized low sloping roofing designed with commercial buildings in mind, or you can choose from our wide range of traditional slates, tiles and shingles. From industrial storage buildings and school gyms to office developments and churches, wherever a roof is needed, our team get get to work. Commercial clients appreciate our Aurora roofers' adherence to clear protocol. We stick to our quotes and always keep the client informed of any adjustments to time frame or design.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roofer Northglenn

GreenPoint Roofing is the most reliable roofer in Northglenn to call when you experience an emergency with your roof. We have extensive experience with weather damage, flash floods, fallen trees or power lines and other unfortunate roofing disasters. If you are hit with unexpected roof damage, the best thing to do is contact a team of capable professionals. Our roofers in Northglenn will be onsite to minimize damage without delay. If necessary, we can install a tarp to temporarily cover any exposed areas and protect the inside of your home from damage while the roof is being fixed.

Our Northglenn roofers are licensed and insured to work across metro Denver and the Front Range of Colorado. In addition to emergency roof repairs, we also offer roof maintenance and new roof installations at an affordable cost. We are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. You can read read some of the reviews written by our many satisfied customers on HomeAdvisor and BuildZoom. We strive to give clients high quality products and unbeatable customer service at a budget friendly cost. To schedule a free home inspection and quote for any repair or maintenance work, you can contact our roofers in Northglenn by phone or email.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Roofer in Longmont

GreenPoint Roofing is on call and ready to come to the assistance of homeowners and commercial customers. Thanks to our extensive experience and excellent reputation, we are one of the most sought after roofers in Longmont. We routinely handle large scale roof installations on housing developments and commercial buildings. Some of our previous projects include churches, agricultural structures such as barns, animal housing and storage buildings, school gyms, shopping centers and office buildings. We have a specially developed low sloping roof style suitable for installation of commercial buildings. Otherwise, our Longmont roofers can offer a range of custom tiles, shingles or slates.

If you are experiencing problems with your home's roof, you will need an honest and capable roofer in Longmont. Our team can be at your home with very little notice and carry out a thorough investigation into any damage, maintenance issues or leaks. We will give you an honest estimate of the costs and time required to fix the issue. You can depend on us to operate under a policy of integrity and honor our quotes. To avoid unexpected emergencies, it is best to get your local roofer in Longmont to carry out a yearly inspection of your roof.

For more information about GreenPoint Roofing visit our website at

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Longmont Roofing Company

Investing in a new roof can make all the difference when trying to sell a house on today's market. GreenPoint Roofing is a locally operated Longmont with extensive experience in roof repair, installation and complete home restoration. We have helped hundreds of homeowners to improve the appearance and the structure of their houses with the addition of a new roof. Our team is dedicated to using the best materials and modern technology. We offer our customers the choice of different styles of tiles, slates, composition shingles or metal roofing. Our Longmont roofing company specializes in custom solutions for commercial buildings. We are happy to work according to your specifications, preferences and budget.

The roof is the most important aspect of your home's protection from the elements. It serves as a barrier between you and the rain, snow, wind and fluctuating temperatures outside. Ask our Longmont roofing company for advice on the efficient insulation of your roof with advanced materials. Simply insulating your home well can prevent the need for excessive use of air conditioning or central heating. This means you have a lower impact on the environment and save money on your monthly bills. Contact your local company today and get a free, no obligation quote on any roofing service.